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September 22, 2019

Bermuda's original karate dojo | Events and Calendar | BKI tuition | Skipper Ingham biographic information | Entry form | Bermuda Karate (Kickboxing) Organization, a Bermuda registered charity (#315) | BKI links | FOR SALE |

BKI tuition

Students may enroll for a trial period of one month, which costs $75/$60 or $55 for adults and juniors respectively.

After the trial period students pay for three months, six months or a year as follows:

Enrollmentquarter half-year year
Adults $150/$120* $300/$210* $600/$370*

Children under 12
$125 $220 $360
*kickboxing rate

Classes are conducted by the following instructors

    Skipper Ingham , 10o, founder;
    Kristina Ingham, 8o, head instructor;
    Gladwin "Roots" Phillips, 7o, senior instructor (Boddhidharma Zenjiryu Karatedo);
    Geoffrey Rothwell,7o, instructor.
    Zenji Ingham, 5o, kata no bunkai instructor

    Anton Daniels Muay Thai Kru

Classes are held at the following times:

12.00 noon Monday/Wednesday/ Friday
1.30 p.m. Monday/Wednesday
5.15 p.m. Monday/ Wednesday/Friday (karate)

Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm grappling

Tuesday and Thursday 4:15pm junior weapons
6.00 p.m.Tuesday/Thursday (Muay Thai)
11.00 a.m. Saturday (eclectic)

4.15 p.m.Monday, Wednesday and Friday
2.00 p.m. Saturday

Students are requested to arrive slightly before stated class times to allow for individual preparation and assist in cleaning the dojo. In addition to the times listed, the dojo is generally open throughout the day and students are welcome to practise on their own if they wish.
For further information phone (441) 292-2157
Fax (441) 292-5123